Become aware of our Emotions thanks to our Body

Our body expresses the emotions we feel.

A very interesting study by the team of Dr Lauri Nummenmaa of the Faculty of Sciences of Aalto, based on the feelings of 701 volunteers from different countries, indicates that the body areas activated by emotions are similar in the majority of participants.

Here are the activated zones:


Each emotion manifests itself at the bodily level:

Here are some illustrative examples:


  • The face smiles or laughs
  • Muscles relax
  • Our body prepares for celebration and sharing


  • Blood pressure and heartbeats increase
  • Blood rushes into the hands
  • Our body is preparing to fight


  •  Heart rate increases
  •  Hands and feet get cold
  • Our body is preparing to freeze or flee

How can we learn to better feel our emotions on a bodily level?

Like any awareness, the ability to identify the physical feelings of our emotions requires effort at first.

It is a progressive work that becomes fun with time. In particular, it allows us to validate if the emotion felt is the one that the body feels and not an emotion "manufactured" by our mind (parasitic or substitute emotion).

Learning From Emotions was designed to make it easier for you to focus your attention on:







Physiological Aspects:


You can also add your own entries (eg. urge to urinate, profanity, stuttering, etc.) to refine your awareness.

Emotions and Health

Becoming aware of one's emotions (especially at the physical level) is a prerequisite for better regulation of one's emotions. 

Research indicates the importance of emotional regulation on the mental and physical health of individuals. It has been observed that an illness often arrives 6 months after a poorly managed emotional conflict (the first symptoms within 3 months).

It is interesting to note that for traditional Chinese medicine, organs and emotions are linked.

  • Kidney and Bladder are related to fear (Kong)
  • Liver and Gallbladder are related to anger (Nu)
  • Heart and small intestine are related to joy (Xi)
  • Stomach, Spleen and Pancreas are related to worry (Si)
  • Lung and large intestine are related to longing and sadness (You)

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