La Gratitude est certainement un des outils les plus puissants pour :

LFE complements and enhances your services

LFE encourages your clients to become aware of their emotions and change.

LFE allows your customers to become aware of their emotions and to save them.

The help you provide your clients is more relevant

LFE allows your customers to record their emotions quickly and at any time.

You offer a practical and easy-to-use coaching tool

Your clients become more aware of the added value of your support

You stand out from the competition by providing an attractive digital solution.

You develop your activity by proposing new adapted services
(related to truly identified needs, proven responses, entrenched mental habits etc)


LFE: the application to add to your toolkit

In the same way that you use tools to help your coaching or training (MBTI, Process Com, computer software, etc), you can now have an accompanying tool for your clients.

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