Croco, our Mascot


Croco is... a crocodile

Croco is of course a nod to the notion of the reptilian brain (the most primitive part of the brain) according to the -now questioned- theory of the triune brain (reptilian brain, limbic brain and Cortex).

The "reptilian brain" is often dominant in moments of difficult emotion (fear, anxiety, stress, etc.).

We wanted a sympathetic and symbolic mascot (one who reminds us of the risk of not knowing how to regulate our emotions).

We also wanted our mascot to appeal to both men and women, adults and children (difficult to determine the sex and age of a crocodile for the uninitiated).


Croco seeks to learn and progress

Croco has the hat that Anglo-Saxon college students wear on graduation day.

Croco is a crocodile who seeks to understand and progress.


Croco is cool

Croco carries a surfboard. The board is a tool to surf the waves, just like LFE is a tool to learn how to surf our emotions and reactions.

Croco rides the waves of his emotions. He uses his emotions as a lever to reach his goals (just like a surfer uses the waves of the ocean to ride).


Croco is fun

We all know that some emotions are difficult to experience.

We wanted a friendly mascot who invites the user to handle the application with pleasure on a regular basis and without apprehension. We wanted to show that working with emotions can have a playful dimension.


Croco symbolizes hope and change

Croco is green and orange.

Green is the colour of luck, stability and concentration.
Green symbolizes hope.

Orange is the colour of joy, creativity, communication, security and optimism.
Orange symbolizes change.

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